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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Open Cases
  • 3. Shipped Cases
  • 4. Schedule Pickup
  • 5. Payment Center
  • 6. Upload Patient Images
  • Introduction

    Welcome to the My Account section of the BDL Prosthetics website. From here you can take care of all your shipping needs, view invoices and make payments, inquire about cases, and more – anytime from anywhere. Designed to be your account hub, you will find everything you need to ensure that your cases are kept on schedule throughout the entire fabrication process in the lab.

    On the "Welcome" page, you'll find a brief overview of your ten most recent cases, as well as an account summary. Use the icons at the bottom to go directly to one of the popular services listed, or use the links across the top to access detailed information for each section.

    In the "Case Manager" section, view the status of your open and shipped cases, as well as schedule pickups.

    Use the "Payment Center" link to make convenient online payments.

    Click on "Upload Files" to upload patient images to the lab to aid in the fabrication of your case.

    To manage your account information, use the "Account Settings" link. This is where you can update your contact information and shipping and billing addresses.

    If the My Account section of the website does not address your specific needs, or you have additional questions, use the "Contact Us" link to see the several ways you can contact BDL Prosthetics.

  • Open Cases

    The "Open Cases" tab lists your cases that have not yet shipped and are still in fabrication, and is also where you can find an estimated ship date.

    A) Click the "View Details" button for additional case information, as well as a form to submit inquiries about your case.

    B) You may also quickly locate your case via case number or patient last name using the convenient "Case Search" bar.

  • Shipped Cases

    The "Shipped Cases" tab is where you will find your cases that are currently in the shipping process. This page lets you conveniently track your cases so that you know exactly when to expect them at your practice or lab.

    A) Use the "View Details" button for additional case information, or click on a tracking number to view your shipment's real-time status on the carrier's website.

    B) Don't see your case listed here? Try the "Case Search" bar on the left-hand side to locate it using case number or patient last name.

  • Schedule Pickup

    To schedule your in-office case pickup via FedEx or OnTrac (select service areas), fill out the form in the "Schedule Pickup" tab. Complete all of the fields on the form to ensure proper pickup.

    A) Select your desired pickup date using the calendar, and choose carrier, time your case will be ready and latest pickup time using the drop-down menus.

    B) Include any additional notes in the "Special Instructions" box.

  • Payment Center

    Stay on track with your account balance using our convenient "Payment Center" to make secure online payments. BDL Prosthetics currently accepts four major credit cards, listed in the dropdown menu.

    A) Input any payment amount and choose to begin the payment process instantly. After your payment has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation with payment details.

  • Upload Patient Images

    The "Patient Images" tab allows you to send us digital images for your cases. Simply fill out the form and use the "Browse Files(s)" button to upload. Type in any special instructions needed for the restoration to be completed properly, then click the "Submit" button to send your images to our lab.

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